[mw-devel] CVS Update at silver.sucs.org: mw

Peter Berry pwb at sucs.org
Thu Mar 23 17:45:03 GMT 2006

CVSROOT:	/usr/local/src/cvs
Module name:	mw
Changes by:	pwb at silver.sucs.org	06/03/23 17:45:02

Modified files:
	src            : Makefile bork.c bork.h iconv.c main.c 
Added files:
	src            : gagtable.c gagtable.h 

Log message:
	- Moved the gag tables out of bork.h into a source file, so the
	executable now only has one copy. They're now const.
	- Now using gnu99, which people seem to have been coding to anyway,
	with GNU libc extensions
	- removed #define from iconv.c which the above made redundant
	- Optimisation flag is now in CFLAGS instead of DEFS (makes more
	sense there)
	Next step, check if it compiles on AMD64.

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