[mw-devel] SILC Ports

James Frost frosty at sucs.org
Thu Mar 29 05:53:18 BST 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm e-mailing to ask if anyone has any objections to me e-mailing to
request port 706 (SILC) be opened for us. I'd like it opened so we
could do a bit more testing as to the viability of SILC. The SILC
server, toolkit, and client we have on silver are now all running from
RPMs as requested, and I'm happy to keep things up to date (that was
the objection RC gave previously).

I've also started a page on the Adminwiki for discussion of the idea
of moving to SILC, as requested by Firefury. I've put quite a bit of
info up there, so please have a read. If you have any
comments/questions, feel free to add them to the page (although mark
them with your name so we know who's said what) :)
You can find it at http://sucs.org/adminwiki/Main/Talker



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