[mw-devel] MW3 r996 - trunk/src

welshbyte at sucs.org welshbyte at sucs.org
Fri Nov 30 17:03:23 GMT 2007

Author: welshbyte
Date: 2007-11-30 17:03:22 +0000 (Fri, 30 Nov 2007)
New Revision: 996

Makefile tweaks:
- Split the rpm rule into tarball and rpm
- Fixed breakages involving who.bb, log.bb and mesgs/
- Reverted default HOMEPATH to $(libdir)/mw

Modified: trunk/src/Makefile
--- trunk/src/Makefile	2007-11-30 15:20:20 UTC (rev 995)
+++ trunk/src/Makefile	2007-11-30 17:03:22 UTC (rev 996)
@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
 # install path is in /usr/local/lib, for historical reasons
 libdir ?= /usr/local/lib
 bindir ?= /usr/local/bin
-#HOMEPATH := $(libdir)/mw
-HOMEPATH := /home/steve/subversion/mw/trunk
+HOMEPATH := $(libdir)/mw
 # These two only for change after a branch
@@ -99,7 +98,7 @@
 	$(CC) -o $@ $^
 # files to install to $(HOMEPATH) (not including the executable which goes in /usr/bin)
-INSTALLFILES = colour help login.banner mesgs mudhelp rooms scripthelp talkhelp wizhelp users.bb folders.bb who.bb log.bb COPYING INSTALL LICENSE README
+INSTALLFILES = colour help login.banner mudhelp rooms scripthelp talkhelp wizhelp users.bb folders.bb COPYING INSTALL LICENSE README
 install: mw setup_homepath
 	strip mw
 	mkdir -p "$(HOMEPATH)"
@@ -123,14 +122,18 @@
 ../help.tar: ../help ../help/* ../wizhelp ../wizhelp/* ../scripthelp ../scripthelp/* ../talkhelp ../talkhelp/* ../mudhelp ../mudhelp/*
 	cd .. && tar -cf help.tar --exclude RCS --exclude CVS help scripthelp wizhelp talkhelp mudhelp
 	rm -rf /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)
 	mkdir /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)
 	mkdir /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)/src
 	cp -a *.c *.h *.awk Makefile  /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)/src/
-	cp -a ../COPYING ../folders.bb ../INSTALL ../LICENSE ../log.bb ../login.banner ../mw.spec ../README ../Makefile ../users.bb ../who.bb /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)/
+	cp -a ../COPYING ../folders.bb ../INSTALL ../LICENSE ../login.banner ../mw.spec ../README ../Makefile ../users.bb /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)/
+	touch /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)/who.bb /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)/log.bb
+	mkdir -p ../mesgs
 	tar zcvhf /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)/help.tgz --exclude .svn -C .. colour/ help/ mesgs/ mudhelp/ rooms/ scripthelp/ talkhelp/ web/ wizhelp/
+	rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty ../mesgs
 	tar zchvf /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION).tar.gz --exclude .svn -C /tmp/ mw3-$(VERSION)/
+rpm: tarball
 	rpmbuild -tb /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION).tar.gz
 	rm -fr /tmp/mw3-$(VERSION)

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