[mw-devel] A note about the next upgrade

Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Thu Apr 3 10:42:58 BST 2008

Since my recent breakag^Wpatches have changed the default locations of
the data files the next upgrade will be a bit more involved than usual:

- Backup folders.bb, users.bb, log.bb and the .i, .t and .m files
- Upgrade
- Restore as follows:
  - cp users.bb /var/lib/mw
  - cp folders.bb /var/lib/mw
  - cp log.bb /var/log/mw
  - cp *.{i,t,m} /var/lib/mw
- Make sure all the above are owned and readable and writable by user mw

I really should get back to my dissertations now...

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