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#44: !user timeout interprets "seconds" as "days"
 Reporter:  cmckenna  |       Owner:  pwb
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 When setting a users' timeout using the {{{!user timeout <user>}}}
 command, input is accepted in seconds, hours, minutes or days.

 If a value is given without units, it correctly interprets it as seconds.
 If a value is given with units "minutes", "hours", "days" or abbreviations
 thereof it is interpreted logically and correctly
 If however a value is given with the unit "seconds" it interprets it as
 "days" and sets the timeout accordingly.
 !user timeout Awkward
 Timeout: 86400 sec.
 New timeout value: 3 seconds
 New timeout set to 259200 seconds.

 makomk commments:
 ''if the string contains m it's in months, else if it contains h it's in
 hours, else if it contains d it's in days, else it's in seconds.  The word
 "second" contains "d" but not "m" or "h", therefore mw thinks the unit is

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