[mw-devel] MW3 r1215 - trunk/webclient

dez at sucs.org dez at sucs.org
Sun Oct 10 15:35:39 BST 2010

Author: dez
Date: 2010-10-10 15:35:39 +0100 (Sun, 10 Oct 2010)
New Revision: 1215

CSS tweaks
Prevents poller passing invalid JSON if the mwpoll process is killed

Modified: trunk/webclient/mw.css
--- trunk/webclient/mw.css	2010-10-10 14:05:18 UTC (rev 1214)
+++ trunk/webclient/mw.css	2010-10-10 14:35:39 UTC (rev 1215)
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
 #wholist {
 	float: right;
 	width: 13%;
+	min-width: 11em;
 	border: 1px solid black;
 	list-style: none;
 	margin: 0;
@@ -72,7 +73,6 @@
 	display: block;
 	width: 10em;
 	text-align: right;
-	font-style: italic;
 .msg_content {
@@ -253,24 +253,24 @@
 /* * User Colours                                  * */
 /* ************************************************* */
-.user_0 .msg_poster, .who.user_0 {color: #c00;}
-.user_1 .msg_poster, .who.user_1 {color: #0c0;}
-.user_2 .msg_poster, .who.user_2 {color: #33f;}
-.user_3 .msg_poster, .who.user_3 {color: #0aa;}
-.user_4 .msg_poster, .who.user_4 {color: #aa0;}
-.user_5 .msg_poster, .who.user_5 {color: #a0a;}
-.user_6 .msg_poster, .who.user_6 {color: #8d0;}
-.user_7 .msg_poster, .who.user_7 {color: #d80;}
-.user_8 .msg_poster, .who.user_8 {color: #d08;}
-.user_9 .msg_poster, .who.user_9 {color: #80d;}
-.user_10 .msg_poster, .who.user_10 {color: #08d;}
-.user_11 .msg_poster, .who.user_11 {color: #0d8;}
-.user_12 .msg_poster, .who.user_12 {color: #6e0;}
-.user_13 .msg_poster, .who.user_13 {color: #e60;}
-.user_14 .msg_poster, .who.user_14 {color: #60e;}
-.user_14 .msg_poster, .who.user_14 {color: #e06;}
-.user_15 .msg_poster, .who.user_15 {color: #0e6;}
-.user_16 .msg_poster, .who.user_16 {color: #06e;}
+.user_0 .timestamp, .user_0 .msg_poster, .who.user_0 {color: #c00;}
+.user_1 .timestamp, .user_1 .msg_poster, .who.user_1 {color: #0c0;}
+.user_2 .timestamp, .user_2 .msg_poster, .who.user_2 {color: #33f;}
+.user_3 .timestamp, .user_3 .msg_poster, .who.user_3 {color: #0aa;}
+.user_4 .timestamp, .user_4 .msg_poster, .who.user_4 {color: #aa0;}
+.user_5 .timestamp, .user_5 .msg_poster, .who.user_5 {color: #a0a;}
+.user_6 .timestamp, .user_6 .msg_poster, .who.user_6 {color: #8d0;}
+.user_7 .timestamp, .user_7 .msg_poster, .who.user_7 {color: #d80;}
+.user_8 .timestamp, .user_8 .msg_poster, .who.user_8 {color: #d08;}
+.user_9 .timestamp, .user_9 .msg_poster, .who.user_9 {color: #80d;}
+.user_10 .timestamp, .user_10 .msg_poster, .who.user_10 {color: #08d;}
+.user_11 .timestamp, .user_11 .msg_poster, .who.user_11 {color: #0d8;}
+.user_12 .timestamp, .user_12 .msg_poster, .who.user_12 {color: #6e0;}
+.user_13 .timestamp, .user_13 .msg_poster, .who.user_13 {color: #e60;}
+.user_14 .timestamp, .user_14 .msg_poster, .who.user_14 {color: #60e;}
+.user_15 .timestamp, .user_15 .msg_poster, .who.user_15 {color: #e06;}
+.user_16 .timestamp, .user_16 .msg_poster, .who.user_16 {color: #0e6;}
+.user_17 .timestamp, .user_17 .msg_poster, .who.user_17 {color: #06e;}
 /* ... */

Modified: trunk/webclient/poll.php
--- trunk/webclient/poll.php	2010-10-10 14:05:18 UTC (rev 1214)
+++ trunk/webclient/poll.php	2010-10-10 14:35:39 UTC (rev 1215)
@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@
-echo $response."\n";
+if ($response!="") echo $response."\n";
+else echo "[]\n";
 fwrite($log, "Response '$response'\n");

Modified: trunk/webclient/say.js
--- trunk/webclient/say.js	2010-10-10 14:05:18 UTC (rev 1214)
+++ trunk/webclient/say.js	2010-10-10 14:35:39 UTC (rev 1215)
@@ -196,7 +196,6 @@
         addmsg("who", text);
 function sortWho(a, b) {
 	var nameA=a.username.toLowerCase(), nameB=b.username.toLowerCase();
 	if (nameA < nameB) return -1;

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