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Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Sun Oct 23 10:01:13 BST 2016

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a803a110 by Andrew Price at 2016-10-23T10:02:15+01:00
Add a help file for .replay

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- + talkhelp/replay


--- /dev/null
+++ b/talkhelp/replay
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+     replay - replay talker messages
+     replay since [SECONDS]
+     replay count [NUMBER]
+     replay serial [ID]
+     replay allows you to replay the talker messages in the server's replay buffer.
+     This is useful for catching up on the conversation since you last logged out, or if your
+     connection dropped. The number of messages available depends on the size of the server's
+     buffer and the last time it was restarted.
+     replay since replays messages since SECONDS after the UNIX epoch.
+     replay count replays the last NUMBER of messages.
+     replay serial replays messages starting from the serial ID that the
+     server stores with each message in the replay buffer.

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