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Mon Nov 7 22:39:21 GMT 2011

Dear RAG Society,

We have a busy couple of months ahead of us and want you all to get
involved :)

As you all probably know Swansea RAG grows a Grav is well underway, however
we are still taking sign- ups. If you’re still interested then pop into
JC’s and ask for a sponsor. The lovely Ceri Parker (treasurer) who will
more than likely be behind the bar, will be more than happy to give you
more information. We hope all the guys are maintaining their lovely beards
and tashes and getting lots of sponsors.  We are also planning to host a
pizza night social at the end of November, where everybody who has kept
their beard/tash can come and join us for pizza as our way of saying thank
you. More details will follow.

*Goodbye President :(*

Now we come to a not so happy topic. Unfortunately due to a massive work
load and other extremely important commitments, our lovely president Becca
Taylor will be standing down effective
from 8th December. This means that this position is open, and we will be
holding an election towards the end of the month. If you are interested in
running for this position you will need to get in
contact with us asap, since this a very important job to undertake. There
will be a comprehensive handover for the successful candidate, so don’t be
afraid to run for the position. You will find out
what we do and how everything works. Opportunities like this don’t come
around everyday so get thinking why you would like to be president and come
and see us in our *RAG Corner*.

*RAG Corner*

We will be setting up camp in JC’s where we will be running a RAG Corner.
You can come over and talk to us about the charities that we support,
events that we have planned, and most importantly about how you can get
involved.  A charity society needs people that want to help and get
involved in any way possible, and we need you to bring ideas to the table
that we can host, so that we can make tons of money for our charities. We
will be talking about volunteering opportunities too, so if you want to add
something amazing to your cv then now is your chance.  We’ll have RAG signs
up on our table and a bucket of sweets so you won’t miss us!

The provisional date is Friday afternoon at the moment however this is
subject to change due to differences in everybody’s timetables.  We will
let you know of the first date soon, so keep an eye on your inboxes.  If
you want to come and speak to us personally about any ideas that you have,
or if you can’t make the time of the RAG corner then feel free to drop a
text to 07530552702 (Laura Hunt, secretary) :)

*Elfing and Christmas Meal*

We will be hosting a Christmas meal on the 5th December in the Pumphouse,
it's £14 for 2 courses, or £17.50 for 3. We'll be going to Oceana
afterwards for The Santa Cause, so feel free to dress in your costume or in
nice dress/suit if you prefer.

We're also looking for volunteers to be elves for the day on the 5th.
Elfing is where you sponsor an elf to annoy your mate until your mate
matches your sponsorship. It’s great fun and some 2nd and 3rd years may
remember it from last year. We need elves, but also need people to sponsor
elves during the day. Get your housemates and course mates involved. We'll
also be hosting a Santa's Grotto during the day in JCs. More details will
follow nearer the time.

 *1940’s Christmas Party*

This is a very special event that is being held in aid of Help for Heroes,
on Thursday 8th December. The 1940’s style party will take place in Oceana,
Boudoir room from 8pm. The Boudoir room will be decorated in an authentic
1940’s style so come dressed in your best costumes, join in the festive fun
and make it a great end to the semester. Tickets will be sold in advance
and are limited!!


That’s all for now :)

The RAG Committee x
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