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Tue Oct 25 17:19:16 BST 2011

Dear RAG Society

We hope that you are all well and ready to kick off the amazing year that
lies ahead of us :)

Thanks to all of you that came to the training and the social. It was a
fantastic night and your support is much appreciated. If you didn’t manage
to make it to the RAG training, don’t worry! The committee are here to
answer any questions that you might have, so please don’t hesitate to
contact us if you are unsure about anything.



Right, we need you to get your thinking caps on for *Thursday 27th October,
19:30*. Any ideas (as long as they are appropriate) will be taken into
consideration. We will be helping out the lovely German Society at
Oktoberfest, which will be hosted in the Xtreme lounge, however we need fun
and simple activities/games that we can run throughout the course of the
evening. If you have ideas just send us an email and we’ll add it to the
programme for the night.

*Swansea RAG Grows a Grav*


Yes, it’s time for the men to put away their razors. We want you and your
friends to sponsor each other and grow a beard for the month just like Ray
Gravell used to have. All proceeds will go to the Ray Gravell Trust!!

If you’re part of an AU Team, sign up together and the winning team with the
most beards left will win free entry to Play on Wednesday December 7th. (By
teams we mean 1sts, 2nds etc and not Rugby, Football ...)

If you’d like to take part then join us in JC’s Coffee Side *Monday October
31st from 5-6pm* in order to find out the rules and also to collect your
sponsorship forms.

There is also a page up on facebook, so you can keep updated on the event


*Social Sec.*


Right guys, we need a social sec urgently in order to complete the
committee. It is a mega important and fantastic position (probably one of
the most fun), since you get to arrange the amazing socials that bring the
society together, outside of the planned charity events. If you’re
enthusiastic, love a good night out (drinking or not drinking) and thinking
of ideas then please send us a 100-150 word manifesto about why you’d like
the position and some ideas that you have. We will be holding an election
very shortly so please get the manifestos in to us ASAP (simply email us
your manifestos).


*Facebook page*


We have a page on facebook, Swansea RAG (Raise and Give) where all
information about upcoming events, plans etc can be found. This is also a
great place for you all to get any ideas for events that you may have down,
and to communicate with each other (Two minds work better than one :) ), so
by all means if you have something in mind pop it on the page and we can try
to make it happen.


We will keep you updated on the date and time of the next meeting, so keep
an eye on your inboxes.

The RAG Committee
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