[UWSMC] Gear Night Update

uws mc uwsmc at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 20 13:41:41 BST 2006

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick email to let you know about the transport
options for the gear night this Saturday.

Various people have offered to give lifts to Dynamic
Rock - Rachel, Cat, Jacky/Owen, Jon, Stu, Donna and
Becks at the moment, possibly more if needed. If you
need a lift then please meet outside Fulton House at
5:45pm. Obviously there are a limited number of spaces
in the cars, so don't necessarily take it for granted
that there will be room! The club will subsidise
petrol costs for people who give lifts for the gear

There is also a bus that will get you there in time -
number 120 from the Quadrant bus station at 5:50pm
takes you to the bus stop just down the road from the
centre for 6:20. The last bus back from Clydach is
10:30pm, which is around the time we'll leave the

Lastly, if you happen to be climbing at the centre
earlier in the day, they probably wouldn't mind if you
just hung around for the gear night.

Remember - discounted gear, bouldering competitions
and some free drinks - you can't miss it!

See you there,

UWSMC Committee 

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