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Please find below some more details regarding the Easter Trips this year.

-Dates decided as 22/03/10 to 31/03/10.  We'll head up in Monday 22nd to the
Isle of Skye, stay there until Saturday 27th, then head down to Ben Nevis
are until the Wednesday 31st.

-The cost is likely to be as follows.  Accomodation roughly £6 a night, so
£60.  Petrol (based on 3 sharing a car) roughly £60.  Emphasis on 'roughly'!

-A few people have asked whether they are experienced enough to come on the
trip.  Basically we'd like people to have done plenty of trad climbing, and
be profficient at seconding, and ideally to have had some experience of
walking up mountains.  If you're unsure, then please ask.

-Equipment.  You WILL need the following items to come on the trip:
1) Proper waterproofs (ie: not  'pack a mack' types, or sports tops...)
2) Walking boots that come to you ankle, and are waterproof (Not glorified
trainers types!)
3) Warm sleeping bag
4) A rucksack you can carry all your gear in all day
5) Camping equipment

-The plan is to camp, so you'll have to be happy with rough living for a
week or so!

-As we're heading to some impressive mountain areas (Black Cuillin, and Ben
Nevis area), we probably won't spend every day purely rock climbing.  We'll
also do some walking and scrambling etc...

-The plans for travel is to drive up in cars, so if you'd like to come and
are happy to drive with a couple of others, that's be really helpful.  We'll
probably break the journey up with a stop overnight half way.  Once there,
there shouldn't be too much driving involved, as the main crags are near the

If you're interested, there is a sign-up on the website.  We'll hold a
meeting at some point for those interested in coming.  If you'd like any
more info on the trip, don't hesitate to get in touch with me

All the best

SUMC Committee

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