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Dear all

*Weekend away trip*
We're going the peak district on the *4th November* (after uni) until 
the *6th November* (arriving in swansea around midnight). We'll be doing 
trad climbing at 2 awesome venues and a bit of bouldering afterwards if 
you have any energy left. Expect early starts, cold temperatures but 
high levels of fun and fresh air. The peaks trips are definitely ones to 
go on and the ones you'll rave about when you get back.

The cost of the trip is*£30* but this doesn't include food. I'll send an 
itinerary out for this one next week probably but we'll meet at Fulton 
house at about 5:00pm on the friday. We're staying in a small bunkhouse 
and we're utilising floor space so as many people can come as possible.

*Heres your kit list*

  * Climbing clothes
  * Warm wear
  * Waterproofs (including trousers if you've got them!)
  * Water bottle (or buy one at the supermarket)
  * Money for takeaways
  * Your shiny new gear from gear night!
  * Hat and gloves (optional)
  * Headtorch (optional and very useful)
  * Daysack to take gear to the crag
  * Good approach shoes for outdoor walking
  * Climbing shoes from gear rep Joe (sort this before the trip if you
    don't get any from gear night)
  * Sleeping mat
  * Sleeping bag

Try to avoid bringing two rucksacks unless one is empty and used as a 
day sack as space in cars are limited and if you don't have kit you have 
three options; a) do nothing and risk having a crap weekend, b) ask us 
for advice and buy your own or c) ask us to see if someone has spare. 
This trip has the same stigma as the day trip attached about /lead 
belaying/ so read below about it.

If you can't lead belay you will lose preference on coming on this trip 
over someone who can. I know this sounds harsh, but unfortunately its 
the responsibility that comes with climbing. This doesn't mean we wont 
take people who can't lead belay, but we'd prefer it if more people 
came, as our (leaders) well-being will be in your hands.

_Now, lead belaying is:_
watch from 30 seconds onwards for a video

Regular dynamic rock attendees know what top-rope belaying is - fine for 
when the rope's already at the top. To get the rope to the top, you have 
to lead a climb. Leading is going up a climb, and protecting yourself on 
the way up using equipment either fixed in place such as bolts (for 
sport climbing) or removable (trad climbing). In case of a fall, the 
lead belayer has to react to catch the falling climber.

I won't go too much into it, but it involves doing exactly the same as 
top-rope belaying, and the opposite technique. We need to teach those 
who don't know it in order to maximise the number of people who can come 
on the trips.

*This lesson will take place at the Uni wall THIS THURSDAY (27th 
October). If you don't attend then we will favour those who CAN lead 
belay on trip priority.* If you can already lead belay, can you please 
reply asap as we basically need you to prove you can /before/ we get to 
the crag.

If you want to do a bit of research, I've got books Ill show people that 
explain it well, or have a google/youtube for lead climbing or lead 

Thats all for now, if I've forgotten something or you want to know more, 
just send me an E-mail back!

Ta for now!

Matt Ev
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