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Wed Nov 16 17:13:59 GMT 2005

Dear All,
I won't be in the office this Friday - sorry for any inconvenience. Please
forward relevant information to your membership.....

But first the weekly rant: Please make sure that the appropriate paperwork
(risk assessment, budget planner, event form, etc.) for all your events are
filled-in as soon as possible and preferably a fortnight in advance of the
occasion. The completion of these forms is mandatory for all events,
regardless of the fact that you will be making money or not etc.... Of
particular importance are the risk assessments because they are all about
insurance issues. Without a budget planner, the SU won't be able to help you
financially. The forms are available from the societies download web pages
at www.society.swan.ac.uk.

It's been made obvious to me recently that some committee members (people
who should realise the significance of their position) haven't a clue about
paperwork, which means that they haven't been going to society training,
which is recommended for continuing committee members from last year but
mandatory for new committee members. Please make sure all committee members
attend training for their own benefit. To organise training please contact
John Follett on 01792 295112 or johnfollett at swansea-union.co.uk

Again, if you are receiving this in your personal e-mail account and would
like to change this situation then please let me know about your society
e-mail account so I can send it there instead.

And finally a big thanks to Andy and the guys from SUCS for helping me with
my e-mailing issues. Cheers guys.

And so to business:
Hi Everyone,

	Ok, I need names of those people who can give up some free time next week
to sell balloons!!!! Hopefully this is going to be a MASSIVE EVENT WITH THE

	If people could say a day and time and e-mail me back, then I can jot your
names down and let you know how its going to work. At the end of the day the
balloons 	should sell themselves as there is an opportunity to win £100!!!
So you won't be like annoying double glazing sales people!!

	Primarily if there are any Freshers out there, that are willing to cover
the village and halls that would be brilliant, because there are so many
students in one place, we 	should sell loads!!! I want to push most sales on
the Monday and Tuesday so if people can help these days that would be great.
Once I know who is available I'll let 	you know the finer details, such as
collecting tins how we record people etc....SO PLEEEEAAAASSSEE get in touch
and help us do something so positive for so 	many women.....without swansea
women's aid women would be trapped in violent relationships, so lets do
something to help!!!!! e-mail me at 	womensofficer at swansea-union.co.uk

	THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEMMA LOYDEN, WOMEN'S
OFFICER, 07815845457

The Kopy Shop is NOT closed down, it has merely moved up to the 3rd floor of
the SU building and is still fully functional for all your society needs.

Please ensure that ALL society publicity is translated BEFORE it is taken to
the Kopy Shop because they are not supposed to produce anything that is not
bilingual. Tim and Ed are too nice for their own good sometimes and let you
lot get away with not getting translations which in turn means that they get
disciplined. Do them, yourselves and the SU a favour and abide by the rules
please. To get anything translated for free, please e-mail the work a couple
of days in advance of when you need it to
welshtranslator at swansea-union.co.uk.

The Spanish society have a few events lined up. Check our notice boards for
info and times/places. Dates for the first two are to be confirmed :
	-fire walking
	-weekly Spanish learning sessions, for all levels, with Spanish people
	-film screenings 2-4 in gesso on Wednesdays 30th, 7th, 14th
	-loads of sports events and laser quest competition against the crazy soc
Wednesday 23rd

Saturday 26th November (am)

	RAG is in conjunction with Red Cross attempting to get teams into the
muddiest assault course in the world!! Teams need 	to be between 6-12 and
the deal is; a £5 per person deposit, then each person needs to raise £45
for the Red Cross in 	sponsorship, RAG will organise transport up there
which will be approx £2 per person!! Its on the Gower and is 	available to
all abilities and fitness levels.  On completion there is a lunch provided
and then we'll all travel back 	to uni and hey as with most RAG events
probably end up in JC's!!!

Xtreme Radio Society are having a party in Diva's a week this Friday. It's a
'cheese' party - make of that what you will! Sounds fun though, please
support the event, especially if they've done their paperwork!

Please remember to notify me if any of your contact details, especially
phone numbers, have changed.

That is all for now. Anything you want me to send to other societies then
just send it to me first and I'll forward to all. Cheers.

Owen Morris

Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Abertawe
Prifysgol Cymru, Abertawe
Parc Singleton

Swansea University Students Union
University of Wales Swansea
Singleton Park

Tel: 01792 295469
Fax: 01792 206029

treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk


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