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Dear All,

Sorry its a lengthy e-mail, it has been a while and things seem to be
getting busy. Please pay special attention to the Monopoly advert and
forward any information of interest to you membership.....

Changed any of your contact details? Please let me know.

I'm glad to see that there are more requests for money. Keep them coming!
However please bare in mind there are certain restrictions i.e. if your
doing an event to raise money for charity then we can't help you. Feel free
to mail me to find out more.

Monopoly - As you may be aware from the local media, Swansea's number one
selling Christmas present this year was the Swansea Edition of Monopoly. But
who is Swansea's number one player of the number one game?

	To find the answer the Swansea branch of Shelter Cymru will be holding The
Swansea Monopoly Championship which will take place at the Marriott 	Hotel
on the 	evening of Thursday 9th March. This year Shelter Cymru, the housing
and homelessness charity in Wales, is celebrating its 25th Birthday and this
event will launch  	our birthday year in Swansea.

	We are particularly keen to see the people who are represented on the board
enter a team of two people. There is an entry fee of £20 per team (which
includes buffet 	dinner). There is no maximum number of teams that may enter
from any one company. Whilst the square may have been organised by the
University it may be more 	appropriate that the students actually play.

	Winning Moves, producers of the Monopoly Game, Chateau Rousseau De Sipian
which is part of the Howard and Palmer Group, and the Marriott Hotel have
kindly 	agreed to put up prizes for the evening. The first prize being a
case of wine valued at some £250.

Please find attached an advertisement for the Business School Society's
party this weekend. (Photo Shop document).

The LGBT Society is holding its annual Bunny Ball. Please see the attachment
for further details. (PowerPoint document).

The Xtreme Radio Society is having a social this Thursday in Cafe Mambo on
the Kingsway. It starts at 8pm and all are welcome. Should be a good gig.

It's RAG Week, so get busy!!!
Tuesday 28th February - RAG-e-oke at idols - sing for your dinner! come
dressed as your favourite movie star and win prizes!
Wednesday 1st March - it's the pre-AU night event of the week - Austin
Powers night in Divas so if you're feeling groovy baby, come down and strut
your funky disco stuff!
Thursday 2nd March - ever fancy glomming someone? well now's your chance! we
have a team of gnomes who, for a donation, will follow your mate around
campus until they pay them to go away! contact Emma at
the_world_owes_me at hotmail.com to help . alternatively, it's 'sponsor
yourself' day - do ANYTHING you want, tie yourself to people, be quiet for a
day, be noisy for a day - we don't mind! just get sponsored and send us your
money! Contact Linda at made2bloopy at yahoo.co.uk to help
Friday 3rd March - the fantasy ball is coming to divas and idols so dress up
as your fantasy and you never know, you may win something to take home!
Throughout the week we also have 'custard pie your lecturer' - email
swannyrag at hotmail.co.uk and get a form - with the lecturers consent, we'll
come into your lecture, get as much money off the pupils as possible then
you can custard pie your lecturer!

That's all folks. See you soon.


Tel: 01792 295469
Fax: 01792 206029

treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk

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