Treasurer treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk
Tue Mar 7 18:53:17 GMT 2006

Dear All,

Due to my re-election campaign I cannot be at my desk or in my office
because of certain regulations. Therefore I won't be in my office from today
(7/3/06) until Tuesday the 21st of March (I have a conference on Monday the
20th). I am sincerely sorry for the late notice but it could not be helped
because I could not inform you any sooner as it was deemed as an aid to my
campaigning. Provisions for your financial needs have obviously been made.
Please seek the signature of the other Sabbatical Officers when you need
things signed, however they must not sign without consulting the Finance
Office first. They know they must do this, and so do you now. In the case of
the unavailability of the Sabbatical Officers, the Finance Office staff have
been authorised to assist you (please ask for Martin and tell him or Daniela
what you need help with), BUT ONLY WHEN THE OTHER SABBS ARE NOT THERE.

The Finance Office staff should be aware of your event, as should ENTS.

Hopefully you can understand the situation.

See you in a week and a half!


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Fax: 01792 206029

treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk


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