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Owen Morris treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk
Mon Oct 23 19:58:47 BST 2006

Dear All,


This e-mail is directed more towards your committee rather than your
membership so please ensure that those who need to know, actually do.


*	Would the societies who use lecture theatres across campus please
contact me with the details of which rooms and buildings they use. I may be
able to broker a deal with the university over providing lecture theatres
throughout the year, not just until Christmas, but only if there is the
possibility of you all agreeing to use one building instead of being spread
out as you currently are i.e. some of you are in Kier Hardy, while others
use Glyndwr or Faraday. I would suggest that you decide on Faraday since it
is central, has many rooms of varying size, has good facilities and the SU
will already have its use for free for our democratic meetings.


*	Could all of you please send me a short blurb about your society,
any contact details and links to your own website if you have one. This is
so I can put them all on and update the new societies website.


*	I'm still waiting for some peoples registration forms and membership
fees to be deposited. Please can both be handed in as soon as possible.


*	I have sent out an e-mail with societies' notice board allocations.
I hope you have received it.


*	There has been some confusion over my location! For the time being,
I am located in the ENTS Office, 3rd floor of the Union Building, down the
corridor from where I used to be, towards the SU Media Centre.


*	Please remember that your mail is kept by the SU porters who are
located next to the Level 2 Shop. Check with them on a regular basis to see
if you have any mail even if you're not expecting any, otherwise after a
month it will be thrown out.


*	When holding ANY kind of event, please ensure that you hand in EVERY
form. A risk assessment left on my desk with no event form means nothing to
me or the ENTS boys since it tells us nothing about your event, and an event
form without a risk assessment tells me that you guys won't be covered by
insurance. Budget forms aren't always relevant to your event, but please
check with me first.


*	 And now an apology.I was told by the deputy head of the estates
department that in exchange for the early campus closures we would be given
Dining Rooms A and B. What this guy forgot to say was that he hasn't
actually told anybody else this yet, including the University's Catering
Department who actually 'own' Dining Room A and B. Therefore as yet we do
not have these dining rooms, but we still have C. I'm sorry for telling you
something that was seemingly untrue, but again, it's something I'm working


Thanks for reading! See you all soon,




Owen Morris



Swansea University Students' Union

Singleton Park,




E-mail:  <mailto:treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk>
treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk

Fax: 01792 206029


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