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Andy Fay treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk
Fri Oct 10 17:16:46 BST 2008

Hello all,

As of now I only have 32 handover packs for this year (out of around 70-80
societies). If you know your society hasn't given one in yet please get it
to me next week, as I'm putting together my list of registered societies and
any society not on it will find it difficult to book rooms/run events etc,
and also I'll start reorganising the societies boards on the bridge next
week so I need to know who's still active! So far I have got packs from the
following societies:


Comedy club

Suma (anime)



Shoreline Theatre Drama Society

People & Planet

Nurse Society


History Society

German Society

Geography Society

Film Society


Duke of Edinburgh

Debating Society

Dance Society

Bright Futures

x-treme Radio

Swansea LGBT

Scifi Society

Swansea Rag

Poker Society


Musicians Society

Conservation Society

Chess  + board gaming

Erasmus Society


Media Society

Photography Society

Politics and IR Society

Cath Soc

Role Play


If you're not on the list but you think you handed a pack in at the end of
last term, it may have been lost in the handover period. I'm sorry if this
is the case, but I'll have to ask you to do another one for me. If I'm not
around you can leave the packs at the general office reception on level 2.


1 more thing, John Follet wants every committee that hasn't booked training
yet to do so ASAP please.


That's all for now, any questions as always just drop me a line


Andy Fay



Swansea University Students Union

Singleton Park




T: 01792 295469

E:  <mailto:treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk> treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk

F: 01792 206029


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