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Chris Jones rollercow at sucs.org
Thu Jul 5 17:22:41 BST 2007

On 9 Mar 2007, at 07:45, Chris Jones wrote:

> On 9 Mar 2007, at 00:29, Oliver Head wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> As you may know, Xtreme Radio uploads its specialist shows (and 2  
>> daytime ones too) to its website on a daily basis. I do this  
>> manually by copying the files from the logger onto the Desktop of  
>> our Server, convert them from ogg into Shockwave Flash (legal  
>> requirement from the media regulator, OFCOM) and then upload them  
>> to our public_html folder on the SUCS server.
> I've had a quick play, and i see no reason why this cant be  
> completely automated.
> I'll see if i can get anyone interested in taking this on.
> SUCS people, anyone fancy setting this up? should be doable with a  
> couple of line script and cron job...

I've just thrown together a script to do this...

For each hour between 7am and midnight it should make a Flash version  
of the Ogg log file, and copy it into the listen_again directory  
within your website.

This  process seems to take about 10min, meaning the listen again  
files for a given hour are available about 15min after the end of  
that hour.

The naming scheme for these automatically generated files is as  
follows (note the hours are in 24 hour format)


'Thursday-09:00.swf' being an example

http://sucs.org/~xtreme/listen_again/Thursday-16:00.swf is an example  
full path.

For the benefit of the SUCS people...

The script is attached, the cron job is as follows.

5 8-23,0 * * * root nice python /usr/local/bin/listenAgain.py

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