[SUCS Devel] Idea for use of society.swan.ac.uk website

Graham Cole chckens at sucs.org
Fri Jul 6 12:32:25 BST 2007

On 6 Jul 2007, at 11:35, Chris Jones wrote:

> Thus I propose that we redevelop society.swan.ac.uk to list ALL clubs
> and societies (AU or SU) with a simple page for each which the group
> in question can maintain
> An idea project for anyone that wants to get involved with a fairly
> simple database driven site.
> What do people think?

Sounds worthwhile, and probably not too hard to achieve. We're very  
lucky to have that subdomain, but seem to have squandered it a bit  
during the last few years.

> Any volunteers?

Not me this time, I'm afraid. The thought occurs that there probably  
still aren't many people on this mailing list, though there were a  
couple of people in the forum who expressed an interest in doing some  
kind of project over the summer.

Perhaps it would be worth mailing sucsmembers@  to tell them i) of  
this mailing list's existence and ii) which projects they could be  
participating in during the summer months ..?

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