[SUCS Devel] Data held on membership

William Blackstock wedge at sucs.org
Sat Jul 14 11:40:28 BST 2007

> On 13/07/07 10:04, Chris Jones wrote:
>> So a few questions
>> What data is relevant, what is not? What data should be required and
>> what should be optional. Is there anything we don't currently ask for
>> which we should?
> If we're looking to tighten up data protection, looking at these three,
> it seems logical to allow the user to control the visibility of
> categories 2 and 3 and use category 1 only where required. Category 2
> could probably be pruned too. I've never used a member's phone number,
> address or year of study before, but are they needed by the SU?

I think the address, year of study and phone number are supposedly
required by the SU, but I don't know the last time anyone has asked us for
them... I don't have a copy of the member sign up sheet thing to hand, but
I remember those three things being on there. There may be others that we
aren't including at present...


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