[SUCS Devel] Data held on membership

saya at sucs.org saya at sucs.org
Thu Jul 19 10:55:46 BST 2007

>> On 13/07/07 10:04, Chris Jones wrote:
>>> So a few questions
>>> What data is relevant, what is not? What data should be required and
>>> what should be optional. Is there anything we don't currently ask for
>>> which we should?
>> If we're looking to tighten up data protection, looking at these three,
>> it seems logical to allow the user to control the visibility of
>> categories 2 and 3 and use category 1 only where required. Category 2
>> could probably be pruned too. I've never used a member's phone number,
>> address or year of study before, but are they needed by the SU?
> *snippity*
> I think the address, year of study and phone number are supposedly
> required by the SU, but I don't know the last time anyone has asked us for
> them... I don't have a copy of the member sign up sheet thing to hand, but
> I remember those three things being on there. There may be others that we
> aren't including at present...
> Will

I don't recall ever having to give my address when signing up to any other
societies. If the SU needs it, they have our names and student numbers and
can get addresses from the Uni. If we haven't needed a user's address
much, if at all, and the SU don't need them from us, then do we need to
take it?

I like the sound of having the visibility of 2 and 3 being controlled
though :)


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