[SUCS Devel] Door software

Chris Jones rollercow at sucs.org
Sun Jul 29 20:00:06 BST 2007

Given student cards no longer carry a magstripe, and the rfid cards dont
carry a prodictible form it would be nice if we could let people provide a
card number (for a clubcard or whatever) on the autosignup page.

This means the doorcode needs to be changed so that clubcards and the like
actualy work!

It also means figuring out what form the card numbers are in, so we can
tell which bit is likly to be the card number! Arthur or the old doorcode*
may help here.

SUCS has a spare card reader which can be borrowed for testing.

* - http://projects.sucs.org/projects/doorcode/browser/switch.c?rev=1
Chris Jones, SUCS Admin

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