[SUCS Devel] Door software

Matthew Gwynne aeternus at sucs.org
Sun Jul 29 21:18:44 BST 2007

On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 08:28:45PM +0100, Graham Cole wrote:
> On 29 Jul 2007, at 20:00, Chris Jones wrote:
> >Given student cards no longer carry a magstripe, and the rfid cards  
> >dont
> >carry a prodictible form it would be nice if we could let people  
> >provide a
> >card number (for a clubcard or whatever) on the autosignup page.
> Nice idea, but I think it would be hard to find types of card that a  
> reasonable number of new signups would possess. Also, I believe  
> frosty is fairly well geared up (when he obtains a PS2/USB  
> adapter :P) to record RFID numbers from people along with their  
> autosignup ID at Freshers'/Compsci Registration.
> With only one RFID reader it won't be possible to gather this for  
> *everyone* upon signup, but certainly a decent majority. Others will  
> hopefully be able to get their cards registered in the room without  
> too much effort...

When door reads a card it doesn't recognise, could it not store the
details in a table somewhere with an id for a short period of time (2
days?) and when giving the user an error, provide that id so that they
could then register that card to their user using a script on the

I know we can currently do something similar but only with the last card
number and with admin intervention (afaik), so a system where a user can
sign their own card up (probably with limitations to prevent people from
just manufacturing lots of keys to the SUCS room :\) might be an option?

> Life with the magstriped student cards was so much easier :-(
> - Graham

Matthew Gwynne (Aeternus)

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