[SUCS Devel] PuTTY installer

Graham Cole chckens at sucs.org
Tue Oct 23 17:18:36 BST 2007

Hi Tom,

We've recently been discussing on Milliways how to distribute copies  
of PuTTY to members with saner paste behaviour (i.e. not "right click  
= numpty" by default).

My attention was drawn to the setup program you made for the SUCS  
members CD last year, which apparently does just this (?)

I'd like to put an installer like this on the website so we can point  
new members to it. The versions of software included in your previous  
setup program are no longer the latest available unfortunately, and  
some of the accompanying documentation references the CD (which no  
longer happens).

Would you be able to provide us with the installer script files and  
such that you used to build the setup program, to save me starting  
from scratch?

- Graham

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