[SUCS Devel] SUCS Website 0.2 release

Graham Cole chckens at sucs.org
Sun Oct 28 22:34:16 GMT 2007

Hey all,

I'm pleased to announce that version 0.2 of the SUCS website code has  
just gone live at sucs.org.

The notable changes from the previous version are as follows:

> Options component now allows users to change their hackergotchi  
> (aeternus)
> Pastebin now lets you view a plaintext version of pastes (aeternus)
> Simple password security checks added to hopefully prevent weak  
> passwords (chckens)
> Members page now displays this academic year's banana leaderboard  
> (chckens)

Work is already underway on version 0.3, which is likely to include a  
photo gallery component (for people to share photos they've taken at  
SUCS events), and hopefully close all the other Trac tickets found at  

I'll take this opportunity remind you that joining in with this  
project is a great way to learn/improve skills in HTML, CSS, PHP,  
SQL, Javascript or just general web design, along with using a  
version control system and other related tools. If you're interested  
in having a go, please let me know and I'll find you a good place to  
get started :-)

Finally, you can keep an eye on what's currently going on at https:// 
projects.sucs.org/projects/sucs-site/timeline (complete with an RSS  
feed ;-)). https://beta.sucs.org/ reflects the current development  
version of the site, so you can help test out new features as soon as  
they're added there (and report any issues you may find!).

Happy web-siting!

- Graham (and the chckens)

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