[SUCS Devel] Fwd: Quick Project

Chris Jones rollercow at sucs.org
Thu Mar 6 19:02:07 GMT 2008

Xtreme would like a simple script that polls a file and updates the  
web feed meta data when it changes.

What needs doing: poll file, read in meta data on change and send out  
http request to update stream metadata...

Anyone interested?

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Oliver Head"
> Date: 6 March 2008 18:53:41 GMT
> To: "SUCS Admin"
> Subject: Quick Project
> Don't suppose someone would like a quick coding project for Xtreme...
> To display metadata on our Icecast stream...ie/ Artist - Title.
> All song information is stored on \\Studio1\ZaraRadio\CurrentSong.txt
> The file simply stores Artist - Title, ie/ Rolling Stones - The  
> Last Time
> If that could be added, excellent!
> Extra code needed:
> Any file containing a '~' (no quotes) needs to be ignored and a  
> generic message displayed if that is possible. The generic message  
> should be 'Student Radio For Swansea' (no quotes).
> Also, can the generic message be displayed after 8 minutes of no  
> CurrentSong.txt update...(ie/ a live show is on).
> Thanks. If you need any more information, just ask.

Chris Jones, SUCS Admin

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