[SUCS Devel] Proposed changes to the sucs site svn

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Fri Apr 3 06:25:19 BST 2015


So we have a svn for the sucs site, located here 

Currently, in trunk we have a old copy of the CMS that the SUCS site 
uses, in branches we have a folder called sucs-site which should be 
what's in /var/www/sucssite

Everyones workflow, if not most, involves just checking out 
branches/sucs-site and working directly on that and commuting code to 

I suggest we no longer try and maintain a generic CMS in trunk put just 
stick the current code in trunk as is. Also have a new branch "beta" 
which will be exactly what beta.sucs.org runs, so checkout the code into 
/var/www/beta and leave the sucs-site branch as it is.

The new workflow would go something like; have people work on trunk, 
once they are happy with changes, they get merged into branches/beta, 
once a wider number of people have tested beta and people are happy 
changes get merged into branches/sucs-site

If people are going to go wildly off then they can make their own 
branch and eventually merge back into trunk, then follow the process 
described above.


Imran Hussain

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