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Apologies for the top-posting, outlook is being awkward.

I think Imran's suggestion is sensible for sso.sucs.org, but probably not something that could be incorporated into system logins on silver, desktops etc. For that, a group is probably sensible. I'd stick to having a group for active members so that the check is just "allow if user in group" rather than having an ambiguous situation (not in paid, but also not in unpaid/suspended == ?). The sso service could also just check that group rather than the database lookup. 

For either case, I'd probably allow until the end of the relevant September so that the exec can still log in and get things sorted before the SU have the website up and running for sales :)

- Tom

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I imagine an easier way to do this would be for sso.sucs.org to do that, so when you log in there it can have the logic to look you up in the members table of the sucs db, see when you've paid until and if it doesn't str match "Sept. "+CurrentAcademicYear() then deny you a login/invalidate your session thus logging you out of all the mirco sites.

Dunno if anyone else has other thoughts.

Imran Hussain

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