[SUCS Devel] Active/Inactive Users

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Mon Dec 10 13:23:07 GMT 2018

On 2018-12-08 18:54, Alex (vectre) wrote:
> Hey everyone
> Had an idea as a way to manage active and inactive or better put,
> enabled and disabled users - we create these groups on LDAP and then
> relevant users in the groups.
> Reason for this? With the new microservices we will soon be
> developing, we probably want a better way to manage if unpaid users
> can access things. So, let's say it's 1st of September and you haven't
> paid your SUCS membership. A cronjob is run that morning that moves
> all unpaid, non-life, members to inactive/disabled. This would
> persuade people to pay their membership if they can't access the
> services. It also means that if someones been naughty, we can place
> them on the naughty-step, or in this case, group. They temporarily
> lose access to all their SUCS priviledges in one easy way until
> they're moved back to the active/enabled group. If we implement this
> now, then all the new microservices will be based off this idea, so
> people will only have access to them if they're enabled.
> Should be a relatively easy implementation - we create the relevant
> groups on LDAP and then write a simple script that just moves everyone
> over to the active group. We can then manually move peopl to inactive
> as needed.

I imagine an easier way to do this would be for sso.sucs.org to do that, 
so when you log in there it can have the logic to look you up in the 
members table of the sucs db, see when you've paid until and if it 
doesn't str match "Sept. "+CurrentAcademicYear() then deny you a 
login/invalidate your session thus logging you out of all the mirco 

Dunno if anyone else has other thoughts.

Imran Hussain

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