[SUCS Devel] New direction for the SUCS Site(s?)

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Sun Nov 11 15:43:06 GMT 2018

Lets call it EOL, no new stuff, only bug fixes.

I think it's become too big, it's too all in one.

Even I'm put off by making big chnages in case they affect something 
else within it badly.

I've always liked the Unix way of thinking, have small things that do 
one job but very well.

I say we split it up into 'micro-sites', so:

(www.)sucs.org - just some static pages that link to stuff and tell 
people wtf

signup.sucs.org - a site dedicated to the signup process and the whole 
account lifecycle including deleteion (dun dun dun)

news.sucs.org - a simple site but would also have the fucntionality of 
posting news to twiiter and facebook for us

events.sucs.org - people can signup to say they are going to events and 
it'll display all events related stuff

(news and events are very similar, not against them just being one)

projects.sucs.org - already it's own thing

games.sucs.org - already it's own thing

hack.sucs.org - site dedicated to running hackathos

community.sucs.org - bananas and such

chat.sucs.org - sucs chat flavour of the month

account.sucs.org - stuff like print credits and what groups you are in, 
password reset etc..

This way if someone hates how the www.sucs.org looks and works and 
wants to rewrite it in haskel they can without having to even think 
about singup or the events stuff. We'd probably start with them all 
looking the same ish, or following a house style but I can already 
picture signup looking old af while everything else gets updated 2 times 
a day.


Imran Hussain

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