[SUCS Devel] New direction for the SUCS Site(s?)

Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Mon Nov 12 11:28:42 GMT 2018

On 11/11/2018 15:43, Imran Hussain wrote:
> Lets call it EOL, no new stuff, only bug fixes.
> I think it's become too big, it's too all in one.
> Even I'm put off by making big chnages in case they affect something 
> else within it badly.
> I've always liked the Unix way of thinking, have small things that do 
> one job but very well.

So do the *BSD developers and they keep everything in the same repo so 
that they can make sure it all works well together :)

This will create a lot of duplication of theming and content, fun 
interdependencies (cross-links, APIs...), challenges in deploying 
dependent changes at the same time, etc. I would suggest not rushing to 
make these changes happen.


> I say we split it up into 'micro-sites', so:
> (www.)sucs.org - just some static pages that link to stuff and tell 
> people wtf
> signup.sucs.org - a site dedicated to the signup process and the whole 
> account lifecycle including deleteion (dun dun dun)
> news.sucs.org - a simple site but would also have the fucntionality of 
> posting news to twiiter and facebook for us
> events.sucs.org - people can signup to say they are going to events and 
> it'll display all events related stuff
> (news and events are very similar, not against them just being one)
> projects.sucs.org - already it's own thing
> games.sucs.org - already it's own thing
> hack.sucs.org - site dedicated to running hackathos
> community.sucs.org - bananas and such
> chat.sucs.org - sucs chat flavour of the month
> account.sucs.org - stuff like print credits and what groups you are in, 
> password reset etc..
> This way if someone hates how the www.sucs.org looks and works and wants 
> to rewrite it in haskel they can without having to even think about 
> singup or the events stuff. We'd probably start with them all looking 
> the same ish, or following a house style but I can already picture 
> signup looking old af while everything else gets updated 2 times a day.
> -Imran

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