Elan Valley and....

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Tue Nov 25 12:33:30 GMT 2003

......The Christmas Dinner!!!!!!! (more about that in a bit)
Now, I know you're all soooo keen to go for a nice walk, in a lovely part of mid Wales, with great views, really old reservoirs, and a fantastic dam! Well, you're in for a treat, 'cos this weekend, Sunday 31st November, we're off to Elan Valley, where you'll find all this, and more!
A not-too-difficult B grade walk, costing around £4.00 (less if we've got a minibus), the perfect chance to escape from the end-of-term blues and deadlines!
Sign ups this week as usual, and don't forget, if you can't make it, send us an email, and we'll put your name down!
OK, I know you can't wait, so here we go. Yes, it's the hiking clubs annual Christmas dinner, at the Oxwich Bay Hotel, Wednesday 3rd December (that's next week folks!). Where better to have a slap up Christmas meal, and dance away those stresses, along with the lovely lot of people in the hiking club? Only £15 for a three course meal, free drink, disco, transport there and back, and not forgetting those speaches! We have our own private room, with a bar and a DJ, what else could you ask for?
So, 'how do I get my ticket?' I hear you cry. Well, all you have to do is come along to any club event, walk or sign up, and bring your money! It's that simple. But hurry, they won't be on sale forever!
Ok, that's all for this week, don't stress too much about the deadlines (or maybe that's just me...)
Have fun, see you around
Sarah :)

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