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Mon Feb 16 16:44:20 GMT 2004

well, this is it, this week sees the end of another committees term, and the start of a brand new one! Yes, that's right, this Wedesday (February 18th) is the AGM (as if I haven't mentioned it before!), and we need YOU to come along and join in. 
Even if you're not standing for a position (nominations close today, around 5.00) come along and support/ heckle those who are. This is the night when the future (well, the next year at least) of the hiking club rests in YOUR hands, so be there and have your say. As a member, you have a vote, so use it! And apart from all that important stuff, its actually quite good fun (laughing at peoples speaches etc!), and we'll be starting and ending in JC's, so you get a bit of a social out of it too! We'll meet in JC's at 7.00pm, then head down to the Collonade room for the meeting at 7.30 (ish), then back up to JC's afterwards to celebrate!
Then, to welcome in the new committee, there's the (aptly named) New Committee Walk this Sunday 22nd February. The route yet to be confirmed, will include a gentle jaunt along the Gower coastline, taking in (in no particular order) Three Cliffs bay, Kittle, some pretty forest-type bits, a nice ramble along a river or two, and finishing in a Pub for lunch! What more could you wish for for a nice relaxing Sunday? Costing a mere £2.50, this is barely an A walk, which everybody should be able to manage, so no excuses. See you there! Sign ups this week at the usual times (12.00 to 1.00 Wednesday and Friday in JC's).
Ok, that's all for this week. Wow, a concise email for a change! Can't you tell dissertation deadlines are round the corner...   ;)
Sarah :)

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