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Greetings hikers!
Hope you've all been enjoying the fabulous weather this week! ;) But, it seems to be improving after this weekend, just in time for our club trip to  Exmoor this weekend. There's still a few places left, so if you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late. There will be a sign up this wednesday as usual in JC's from 12.00 till 1.00, when you can come along and sign up, and also PAY if you haven't yet!!! The trip costs £25 and is a gentle A/B grade.
So, for you lucky people who've already signed up, here's a rough guide to a hiking club weekend away (well, this one at least!)
1. Bring your bags to the minibus bays (behind Union house- just keep going past Fulton house, and you can't miss them- in front of the Dentists surgery) at 1.00pm on Friday (that's Friday 13th folks!). Bags will be packed on top of the minibus, so put anything you want for the journey, or anything breakable, in a separate bag!
2. We will leave about 5.00pm, but meet in JC's beforehand about 4.30pm, for a quick pre-weekend drink!
3. You will need;
    -sleeping bag, as warm as possible! It is winter you know!
    -food! Very important! You'll need enough for the whole weekend, we won't be stopping at any shops. We will stop at a service station on the way there, when you can buy dinner if you want, otherwise bring your own. Then you'll need breakfast for Sat and Sun, and lunch for both days, and dinner for Sat evening. The pub in the village does food, but we've no idea when, so don't count on it!
    -money. We won't be stopping at cash machines either, so bring all you think you'll need for the pub and possibly tea shops on Sunday!
    -warm clothes. One thing of note from last year, the pcamping barn is COLD!!! Make sure you bring plenty of layers, especially if you feel the cold. Don't say we didn't warn you!
    -and of course your walking boots and waterproofs, and everything else you need for a normal day hike (not forgetting hats, scarves, gloves...)
4. We'll be back Sunday night, about 7.00 - 8.00 ish, depending on traffic, when we leave, and how well the minibus driver is coping... ;)
5. Anything else you want to know, come along to the sign up, or send us an email. You never know, we may be able to answer your questions!!!
Ok, moving on to <drum roll!> the AGM! This all-important event in the hiking club calendar is when we elect the new committee who are going to run the club for the next year. So, "what's that got to do with me?" I hear you ask. Well, here's a few reasons to come along...
-YOU could stand for a position! Sounds scary? Yes, but it isn't really, it's lots of fun, and the ultimate way of getting involved, and having your say.
-This is YOUR club, and YOU should decide how its run, and what happens. As a club member, you have the right to vote, and can chose who makes the decisions. Even if you don't want to stand, come along and support those who do, and listen to what they have to say.
-Even if you're only here till the end of the year, the new committee takes over straight away, and will be leading things for the rest of this year, not just from september.
-Come along and thank this years committee for the fantastic job they've done of running the club! Apart from all those annoying emails... Well, soon your inbox will no longer be clogged with my pointless drivel. It'll be someone elses instead!!! Thanks for listening, and (possibly) reading!
Here's a run-down of all the positions, just so you know...
Chair: public face of the club, organises meetings, makes sure everyone else knows what they're supposed to be doing and when. Has the unenviable task of having to (appear to) know everything! Previous committee experience necessary.
Vice-chair: second-in-command, takes over when the chair doesn't turn up, which isn't often ;) Also responsible for booking transport for walks, and looking after all the clubs kit.
Treasurer: looks after the money, makes sure we don't spend it all at once, and that we stay on the right side of the AU!
Secretary: takes minutes at meetings, and responsible for booking pubs for Sunday walks, so they know we're coming.
Social secretary: kind of self explanatory really, organises socials. Books venues, turns up, socialises...
Publicity secretary : Hey, that's me! Erm, the hugely important task of keeping the club members informed of whats happening, otherwise they don't know when to turn up! Generally annoys people with lots of long, rambling emails...
Webmaster: maintains the clubs fantastic website, weekly updating walks and socials, and making sure its running smoothly.
Right, that's about it, I can get back to my work now ;) Sorry about the long-and-rambliness of this one, but it's all important stuff, I promise.
Have fun,
Sarah :)

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