uwshiking uwshiking at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 23 13:51:38 BST 2004

Hi guys,
just to let you know the t-shirts have just arrived (finally!) and have turned out brilliantly! 
So, if you're still around in Swansea, I can arrange a time to get them to you. If not, we can keep them over the summer and you can pick them up at the start of next term. (Rob, I'll hang on to yours till I see you. Reggie, let me know how/where you want to get yours). And don't forget, they cost £7 each, if you haven't paid already!
OK, that's all folks. Let me know if you want to collect your t-shirt. I'll be around for another week or so. Enjoy the summer (hope it's less wet elsewhere!).
Sarah :)

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