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Hi all,
hope this finds you all well, and not panicking too much about exams (if you're not lucky enough to have finished already!). So, this is for those coming to the Lake District next week. If you've not signed up (and why not?) then you can stop reading now. Unless of course you have realised the error of your ways and decided you want to join us, in which case let us know by emailing info at asap! There are still places going if you're quick!
Anyway, down to business...
Firstly, we will be leaving from the University campus at 10.00am on Monday morning. Please bring your bags to the minibus bays (behind Union house) by 9.30am to give us time to pack the bus. We will return Thursday evening, hopefully not too late, exact times will (obviously) depend on when we leave and the state of traffic etc.
Secondly, you will need to bring;
-a sleeping bag. There are bunk beds (with mattresses, for those who went to Exmoor!!!)
-all your walking stuff, including waterproofs (even though it's summer, this is the Lake District, and it can definately still rain!). You must have WALKING BOOTS, not trainers.
-FOOD!!! This is very important (if you want to eat that is!). You will need to bring all your food with you for the trip, we won't be stopping at any supermarkets while we're there. So, you'll need breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal for Tuesday and Wednesday, and also breakfast and lunch for Thursday. On Monday we will stop regularly (to change drivers) at service stations, and will probably stop around lunch and dinner time. It's up to you if you want to bring or buy food, but we (probably) won't be arriving till after dinner. Thursday will be similar, we will probably stop around dinner time on the way home, when you can buy food if you want.
-Money- for the pub (just as important as food, or possibly more so, depending who you ask...), or buying random souvernirs if we get chance to do some tourist things! There are cash machies in Ambleside, but we can't guarantee a visit just for cash.
-Do I need to mention towels (yes, there are showers), warm clothes (it can get cold at the top of mountains)...?
Didn't think so, but I thought I would, just in case!
The bunkhouse has a fully equipped kitchen with fridge-freezer, cooker, kettle, toaster etc, and also plates and cutlery, so no need to bring your own. Don't depend on a microwave though, I'm not entirely sure if there is one!
I think that's everything, though if there's anything I've left out, or you have any questions, email info at and they will (hopefully) be sorted out!
Ok, that's all folks! Good luck to anyone else with exams tomorrow or Saturday, see you bright and early Monday morning!
Sarah :)

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