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Tue Nov 16 15:13:48 GMT 2004

Hi Guys!
There's lots happening this week, so I'll get on with it straight away!
Tonight is the first night hike of the year, up to Cefn Bryn, the backbone of the Gower. This trip is fully booked unfortunately, but for those who've signed up, we'll be meeting at 6.30pm in JC's.
Immediately before that, at 6.00pm in JC's, is the sign up for our next weekend away to Cheddar Gorge. This will be from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th November, and is an A/B graded weekend, staying close to the beautiful Mendip hills. Cost is £25 as usual. More details tonight, but places are limited again, so turn up on time to be sure of a place!
Next Sunday November 21st we're returning to the Gower for a laid back, A graded stroll via Woebly Castle, and the best of north Gower. Costing just £2.50, this should be one for everyone. But bring your hat and gloves, it's gonna be cold this weekend!!! Sign ups as usual this week.
Tickets are selling fast for the Hiking Club Christmas Dinner on December 6th. If you've not got yours yet (and why not?!??) there's still time, but not much time, so hurry! Ticket price is £17.50 for members and £20 for non-members, so bring your friends!
There's also time to get your t-shirt design in to the committee, deadline is November 29th, so you've got a couple of weeks to go. Just think, your design could be worn by hikers the world over (and in Swansea too!)! And if that wasn't enough, the winner recieves a free t-shirt! So what are you waiting for? Get scribbling!
And finally, if you have any (good) pictures from club events which you'd like to share with us all, scan them in and email them to Chris at webmaster at uwshiking.org.uk, and he'll make sure they find their way on to the website in the newly updated photos section! Go check it out at www.uwshiking.org.uk. Any other questions, email info at uwshiking.org.uk and we'll try and sort em out.
OK, that's about all for now, have a good week!
Sarah :)

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