[Hiking] Glamorgan heritage coast and Socials

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Thu Apr 21 12:57:29 BST 2005

Hello!!!!! Hope you all had a great Easter, and are ready for some fab 
walks around south wales before the exams!!!! :-) 
Our next walk will be to Glamorgan Heritgage Coast this Sunday 25th 
April. This will be a gentle A walk  where we will see beautiful low 
cliffs and dramatic coastal scenery. A gentle and not too strenuous easy 
walk for all to enjoy :-). The cost of this walk will be a bargaineous 
Next Wednesday 27th April we will have and afternoon of Orientbeering!! 
curious?!?! Well, Lots of beer will be hidden in Clyne Gardens, you 
will be given a map and have to try and find it!!! Whoever gets backs 
first wins. Guaranteed to be an afternoon of  tremendous fun!!! The cost 
will be £2 at signups, £2.50 on the day. Meet at the entrance to the 
student village at 2.30pm. Hope to see you there!!!
For more info, visit 

Also, don't forget Karl's barbeque on April 30th, he has some floor 
space, but bring along a tent if you have one!!!! this is bound to be a 
mad night!!!! ;-)
This Saturday 24th, come along for start of term drinks in JC's, to 
meet up with old club pals over a good drink!!!
I think that's all for now guys, plenty to keep you busy there over the 
next few weeks!!!!
hope to see you all soon!!
Elen xox

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