Bannau Sir Gaer, Rhinogs Weekend Away Signup and Lazerquest!!

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Tue Feb 22 10:39:04 GMT 2005

Hi guys!!!
Hope that you all enjoyed your walk on Sunday-it was good to see that such a lot of you had signed up :-)
This Sunday 27th we will be heading off to Bannau Sir Gaer in Carmarthenshire. The cliffs here are the steepest and highest in the stunning Brecon Beacons range.This is a B grade walk, and will cost you £3.50. Come along to experience this beautiful landscape once again!!
Please remember to not wear jeans, early on in the walk last Sunday someone fell over, got their jeans wet and developed cramp-an unpleasant experience. Here are a few more reasons why you shouldn't wear jeans, as they

Absorb many times their weight in water. 
Shrink and tend to cling to the skin. 
Make walking very difficult. (Your legs are the last place you need extra weight) 
Quickly tire even a very fit person. 
Rapidly transfer heat from the body, which could lead to hypothermia. 
Take a long time to dry out. 

Also, please wear walking boots with good grip and good ankle support for this walk as the terrain is likely to be quite rugged and uneven. 

Next March 1st will be the sign up in JC's quiet side at 6pm for the weekend away to Rhinogs in North Wales. These are some of the quietest mountains in North Wales. It is a lovely rocky ridge 15km in length and there are several small lakes to be admired. This is going to be a C Grade weekend, and its cost will be £25. The dates of the weekend away will be Friday 4th of March to Sunday the 6th of March. There will be more info on this weekend away available at the sign up :-))

After this sign up,  please make sure you come to the next hiking club social - Lazer Quest!This will be tremendous fun, and the chance to get your own back whilst showing off your skills

See you at the sign ups!!

Luv Elen x

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