Shropshire, A-Z of wind street and the AGM!

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Tue Feb 1 12:12:23 GMT 2005

This is the last but one email I'llbe sending to you all (ok, enough cheering!) since we'll be voting on a new committee next week at the AGM (see below). But there's exciting stuff happening this week too, so I'll get on with it!

This weekend is the first weekend away of the term, to Shropshire, with the delights of the Long Mynd and more in store! This is a B graded weekend, and will cost £25 as usual. We're staying in a youth hostel, so you won't need sleeping bags, and we can promise proper beds!!! Full details will be given at the sign up, which will be tonight (Tuesday) in JC's at 6.00pm. Come along to book your place and find out what to bring, and what we're going to get up to! To secure a place you will have to pay tonight, so bring some cash too!!!
After the sign up come with us into town for the A-Z of wind street, our first social of the term. Meeting in Walkabout at 7.30pm (see you there if you're not coming to the sign up), we'll make our way from pub to pub, drinking our way through the alphabet! Think you're up for the challenge? Come along and show us how it's done! We'll have plenty of ideas for alphabetic drinking, so never fear that you won't know what to have next!
And, in case you'd forgotten, a reminder that next Tuesday February 8th is our AGM, which will be at 6.30 in Divas Green Room. This is when the present committee stand down <sob!> and we welcome a new bunch of enthusiastic and committed people to lead the club for the next year!!! Think you might want to get involved? Well, you still have a week to get your nomination to the committee. If you're going to be around till next February then you can stand, its as simple as that. Who knows, soon YOU could be writing these emails!!! If you don't think thats your cup of tea, then come along anyway and support those who do. The committee is responsible for running the club for the next year, so make sure you have your say in what goes on.
And that's all for now folks, see you around
Sarah :)

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