AGM and Three Cliffs Bay

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Tue Feb 8 09:58:30 GMT 2005

Hi guys!
Well, this is it, the end of another hiking club year, and the last email I'll be sending you all! <sob!>. Next week, it will be someone elses responsibility!
Anyway, on to the good stuff. If you've not already guessed, this week (tonight in fact) is the Hiking Club AGM, when the present committee stands down and we hand the club over to a new lot who are going to look after things for the next year. It's a challenge, but well worth it. Well done to those who are standing, and to the rest of you, make sure you turn up in Diva's Green Room tonight at 6.30 to give them some encouragement and have your say. See you there!
And the excitement continues with this weekends traditional 'new committee walk', when our new leaders take us for a jaunt around the Gower, finishing at Three Cliffs Bay, and a pub lunch in the Gower Inn (bring some cash!).This A graded walk will cost just £2.50 for the pleasure of watching the committee get lost, erm, I mean capably navigate their way to the pub!!! A nice relaxing day, and you don't even need to make lunch!
And, after that, who knows? There's lots more exciting stuff out coming up, but it's not my job to tell you, watch this space!
Hope you've managed to make sense of all my ramblings, it's been fun, cheers guys!
See you around
Sarah :)

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