[Hiking] T-Shirts & Next Term

Chris Jones hiking at sucs.org
Sun Mar 20 07:54:06 GMT 2005

If anyone who wants a t shirt hasn't managed to put there name down yet, 
send me an email in the next week, with your name, colour choice and size.
You can check out the design here - http://uwshiking.org.uk/html/tshirts.htm
The available colours are red, navy blue and olive green

Looking forward to the summer term, we have some of the best walks of 
the year, ending with the amazing Ystradfellte Waterfall Walk, Socials 
wise we have two of my personal favorites, Orientbeering and Beach BBQ.

Looking even further ahead, after all those nasty exams are over we have 
the highlight of the year, the summer trip. This year we are off to 
sunny Snowdonia. The provisional dates for this trip are the 6th to the 
9th of June.

All thats left is for me to wish you all a good easter break.

Hope to see you all again soon!

Chris Jones

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