[Hiking] Orientbeering, heritage walk, summer walk trip

Andrew Sprules publicity at uwshiking.org.uk
Tue Apr 25 11:49:08 BST 2006

Hello hikers,

Hope you all had a good easter holiday! Now we're into the last term and
we still have some great walks lined up before the exams begin.

This Sunday's walk takes us along the lovely Glamorgan Heritage Coast.
This is a grade A walk and will cost £3.50, come along to JCs on Wednesday
and Friday 12:30-1:30 to sign-up. This could be the wettest walk of the
year so if you want you can bring some swimming gear, it could be useful!

Next wednesday (May 4th) sees the return of the clubs legendary tradition
of orientbeering where beer and map reading are so elegantly mixed!
Sign-up for this will be at the regular wednesday and friday sign-ups in
JCs, this is so we know how much beer to get. The cost will be £2 and will
take place in the Cline Woods.This will be good fun so come along to the
sign-up to sign-up!

Finally, after the exams the club has its summer trip to the Lake
District, Sunday 11th - Thursday 15th June (dates to be comfirmed). The
sign-up for this will be in a couple of weeks. More details about this
will follow soonish!

Hope to see you at the sign-ups and have a good day!


Swansea University Hiking Club

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