[Hiking] A few notices that might be of interest..

Chris Laidler chrislaidler at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Apr 27 20:18:39 BST 2006

Greetings hikers, below are a few things that might be of interest to you...

This Sunday sees the start of free afternoon music concerts in Clyne gardens 
from 3-5pm , for which Joey will be performing in the band. A few people 
have expressed interest in having an unofficial walk down through Clyne 
woods to the gardens. If interested email me back (chair at uwshiking.org.uk) 
and I'll keep you posted.

On Saturday most of the committee are participating in the Gower Walkabout 
which is a sponsored walk in aid of various charities, please help by 
sponsoring them at Fridays signup.

Also due to the severe cost it would have incurred the ceilidh has been 
cancelled for this year, however we are hoping to definately do it some time 
next year. Apologies for this

See you all soon

Chris Laidler

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