[Hiking] Three Cliffs Bay and Pub Lunch, AGM and Waterfront

Chris Jones hiking at sucs.org
Mon Feb 27 13:13:50 GMT 2006

Hello all!

With a bit of luck this will be the last e-mail you get from me! As  
some new person will be taking over after our AGM! (more on the AGM  

This weekends walk is the traditional 'new committee walk', when our  
new leaders take us for a jaunt around the Gower, finishing at Three  
Cliffs Bay, and a pub lunch in the Gower Inn (bring some cash!).This  
A graded walk will cost just £2.50 for the pleasure of watching the  
committee get lost, erm, I mean capably navigate their way to the  
pub!!! A nice relaxing day, and you don't even need to make lunch!

Onto the AGM... We're meeting at 18:45 in JC's, some come along and  
make your voice heard!

Not sure what happens?... well...

Nominations are received in advance for each of the committee  
positions, which are then voted on by the club members at the AGM.  
Nominations are invited for all 7 committee positions (detailed  
below), from any club member who will be in Swansea for at least  
another year from February (ie, till the next AGM). So, if you want  
to stand for a position, you will need a proposer and a seconder, who  
need to be club members, and you need to give your details to a  
committee member by the close of nominations which is midday tomorrow  
the 28th of February. At the AGM you will then need to give a short  
speech saying who you are and why you want to take that position and  
why you would be good at it.

Being on the committee does require a certain level of committment to  
the club, and to taking part, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun! The  
satisfaction of being involved and making things happen makes it all  
worthwhile. And you'll always manage to have a laugh at the same  
time! So, if you think you're up to it, or know someone who is, get  
those nominations in now (but do check with people before nominating  

The committee consists of...
Chairman – Basically is in charge of the meetings, assigns people  
their tasks, argues with the AU and takes the blame for anything that  
goes wrong. This person does need committee experience.
Vice Chairman – Doesn’t really do that, much helps out the chair  
whenever they need it, looks after club kit, sorts out the transport  
and generally has a good life
Secretary – Takes the minutes at every meeting, good hand writing  
will generally help. Should phone the pub for the weekend to ensure  
that it is open and pays for accommodation on club trips
Treasurer – Looks after all the clubs money, signs some forms now and  
then and looks after the Chairs retirement fund
Social Secretary – The title says it all organises the social  
activities for the club and leads by example on social trips. Also  
has to organise Christmas Dinner
Press and Publicity – Sends out the weekly email to tell you what’s  
happening in the club and gets to update the club notice board every  
week with walk information
Webmaster – Looks after the website, jobs include adding photos,  
doing computer stuff but a little knowledge of computers is all that  
is needed. This person can choose what they want to go on the website.

We're in this weeks waterfront! although they seem to have chopped  
off the end, and have attributed it to the wrong person (Alex wrote  
it not me!)... but never mind!  Grab a copy and have a read.

And finally... I hope you've all enjoyed your time with the hiking  
club, I know I have!
Chris Jones, Hiking Club Chairman

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