[Hiking] New Red KIte Walk and AGM!

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Tue Feb 21 15:24:03 GMT 2006

Greetings Hikers!!
This Sundays walk is brand NEW!! Karl and Chris will be taking us to see
the Red Kites with the oppprtunity for an extra 2.50 of watching these
special birds being fed! This is an A/B walk and costs £2.50 becauses its
a short coach trip!

Important note!! Pick ups this week will be quarter of an hr early, so we
can watch the birds at 3.00. This will be explained at sign-ups which will
be at usual times (wednesday and fridays 12.30-1.30 jcs-quiet side).

Next note is our AGM (on the 28th February). This is when the present
committee stand down <sob!> and we welcome a new bunch of enthusiastic and
committed people to lead the club for the next year! Think you might want
to get involved? Well have a chat to a member of the current committee and
get your nomination in. If you're going to be around till next February
then you can stand, its as simple as that. Who knows, soon YOU could be
writing these emails!!! If you don't think thats your cup of tea, then
come along anyway and support those who do. The committee is responsible
for running the club for the next year, so make sure you have your say in
what goes on.

Nominations have been coming in fast- make sure your fav person is in- you
just have to turn up to do your bit! The Green Room (small room opposite
Divas) is being booked as we speak- time to follow shortly!

We had a fab weekend away with sledging in snow (!?!) and eating loads of
chocolate- thanks Johanna! check out the pics online www.uwshiking.org.uk

Think thats all- see you soon!

Swansea University Hiking Club

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