[Hiking] Staying in touch with people who are leaving, especially the Erasmus students

Karl Adcock karladcock at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 25 12:50:23 GMT 2006

Hello All in The Hiking Club,

Hope the exams, if any are going well and we'll see
you soon.

However, some of us will be leaving the University in
the next week or so and this e-mail is for them.

I personally think we've had a great half year and it
is a shame to see you go. We'll all have happy
memories of being in the club and although you may not
be able to enjoy walks from Swansea anymore, the club
is planning a walk or two abroad which it would be
wonderful if you could get involved with.

We're putting together a list of all the people who
have been in the club but are not any longer. This
means that, for example, you will be informed of any
walk plans that do not require AU or Hiking Club
membership, such as the walk in the Pyranees this
summer. With time, I hope that the Alumni (ex-members)
can organise socials or walks or both even though they
are not in the club any longer. It's also possible
that the website can be updated to include a page for
the Alumni, which could be used as a Forum for
ex-members to stay in touch. To make this possible,
you have to let us know that you are leaving. Just
because you've left Swansea it doesn't mean that you
have to say goodbye to your Hiking Club friends!

If you would like to be a part of this when you leave
could you please send an e-mail to
chair at uwshiking.org.uk with a permanent e-mail address
and if you think you may change e-mail address and
would like to be kept in touch with a permanent
address, phone number or all three. Could you please
ensure that everyone you know who is leaving the club
is aware of this e-mail? And perhaps you could send in
their details yourself.

Because you will no longer be in the club you won't
receive endless e-mails informing you of the week to
week running of the club, forever, but you will be
informed of important things that you can get involved
in when the events occur.

Regarding the Pyranees Trip, because the AU is not
involved, any one can go, that includes your friends
so give me your e-mail addresses and we'll have a

Enjoy life, take it easy and I hope to see you
again....... soon!


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