[Hiking] Pembrokeshire Coast, Drinks in JC's

Chris Jones hiking at sucs.org
Wed Jan 25 13:21:46 GMT 2006

Hmm signups a bit quiet, Ah yes... no e-mail yet Oops...

Sundays public transport powered trip down the Gower was a great  
success, photos here, route here.

This Sunday (January 29th, yes it's the end of January already!)  
we're heading west to Pembrokeshire for a nice relaxing stroll along  
this wonderful stretch of coastal National Park. This B (but easy B)  
graded walk costs £4.00 and takes in the south Pembrokeshire Coast  
along some of the most spectacular coastline in the country!

Next social, Drinks in JC's Monday 30th January, come catch up with  
everyone after the exams!

We've tinkered with the walks program for this year, so be aware that  
things have moved, if your not sure when things are check the program  
on the web-site, which we try to keep up-to date. Also the social  
calendar for the remainder of the year is now available on the web-site.

You can signup for walks in JC's on Wednesdays & Fridays between  
12:30 and 13:30, or if you miss a sign up you can always phone or  
email us.

Chris Jones, Hiking Club Chairman
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