[Hiking] Lake district trip

Chris Laidler chrislaidler at hotmail.co.uk
Sat Jun 3 10:26:45 BST 2006

Hello hikers,

The following is about the lake district summer trip and contains important 
information about equipment you will need and times for departing / 
returning. If you’re not going to the Lakes you may ignore this.


•	11/6/06,. Leave uni at 11am. Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to 
give time to load up the bus. During the journey we will make a lunch stop 
at a service station and probably a dinner stop later on, you can either 
bring packed lunch / dinner or buy it from a service station. If you don’t 
mind eating a little later you can cook your own evening meal at the barn. 
We aim to arrive around 7- 8 ish in the evening. Our barn is at Cockermouth 
which is just off the NW corner of the Lake District.
•	12/06/06. Our first days walking will be a B grade walk; the location has 
not yet been planned. It will probably involve reaching some peak but not a 
high one.

•	13/06/06. On this day we will do a grade C walk which will probably be up 
one of the larger mountains. (Helvellyn or similar). We will probably eat in 
a pub this evening, possibly at one where we finish our walk.

•	14/06/06. Our last days hiking will take us on a B grade walk but we are 
planning to do a fairly flat-ish walk around one of the lakes. Then we will 
return to the barn for a BBQ!! We might actually have our BBQ sat round one 
of the lakes, or as our barn is not that far from the coast we may do this 
on the beach. (we haven’t decided yet!)

•	15/06/06. Packing up our stuff we leave at 9.30. We head to one of the 
Lake district towns for a last minute shopping trip (Probably Keswick as its 
not too far from our barn and there are quite a few good shops). Leaving 
Keswick at around 12 noon we drive down through the lakes and head home to 
Swansea, arriving around 8- 9pm.

Equipment required and notes regarding food.

You will need :
•	Usual walking equipment including boots and waterproofs (I know its summer 
but it still might rain!!) and clothes for 5 days.

•	Some warm clothing, it could get cold especially in the evening, as it is 
summer the club has not paid an extra fee to have a heater in the barn.

•	Sleeping bag, there are mattresses so you won’t need a roll mat.

•	Food for 5 days, remember we are having a pub meal one night and a BBQ 
another, however if the weather is very poor we may not do the BBQ so bring 
some extra food in case.
IMPORTANT NOTICE, the camping barn does not have a fridge so do not bring 
meat of any form!! Butter and cheese will be fine if kept in a cool area; 
milk will be ok for a few days too provided it is not too hot, but UHT milk 
maybe a good idea. Also there isn’t a toaster. The committee has made 
arrangements for 4 hobs, but as we are a very large group it would greatly 
help if anyone with a camping stove brought it along. (Please email me if 
you have one you can bring)

•	Cutlery and a plate/ bowl / mug.

•	Money for the pub etc.

Other notes

Showers are coin operated and require 50p piece. Electric sockets within the 
barn are “in short supply” (there are none in the kitchen), and  so the 
sockets that are there, will be used for essential use only. Please charge 
phones /walkmans/digital cameras at home.

If you have any other questions please email me or the committee.


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