[Hiking] T shirts!!.... at last

Chris Laidler chrislaidler at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Jun 9 12:17:38 BST 2006


You may be pleased to hear that the t shirts have finally arived. I will 
bring them along on sunday for those going to the lakes, otherwise I will be 
in Jc's at 11.30am - 12am tomorrow morning (saturday) for you to come and 
collect them. Most people haven't paid and as our treasurer has no desire to 
chase people up over the summer for money, you must pay for your t-shirt 
before I will give it to you. (£8)

If there is any one who didn't order one who would like one, there are a 
limited number of spares. Please come and see me if you would like one.

If you are unable to pick up your T shirt tomorrow please email me back and 
I will try to arrange a time to meet up with you.

Good luck to all those with exams left

YC AKA Chris

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